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My background of working several years in event and travel service industry combined with high enthusiasm in horses were key drivers for founding Equibliss Horse Tours Finland, company providing different equine services, activities and riding excursions in Southern Finland.

Among my recent accomplished degrees in Horse Assisted Services (Ypäjä Equine College) and Service Design (Aalto University) we have extended our services to broader scale and currently service not only travelers, but also individuals and groups with special needs, families with children, as well as provide specific tailored equine services to events such as weddings and respective occasions, among others.

Safety of customers and well-being of horses are our conclusive priorities in all activities. In addition we highly focus is in other ethical values and cherish environment friendly behavior in all possible ways. 

Our aim is to create all our customers enjoyable experiences - stress-free, relaxing moments with the positive effect of nature!


Contact: Anna

Email: info@equibliss.fi 

Tel: +358 45 879 3450 


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